What it does

Meth is like a computer virus. It convinces the user that nothing is wrong. It produces an artificial feeling of well-being and anesthetizes the part of the brain that takes care of day-to-day business. It also numbs painful feelings. Negative feelings return with a vengeance when the drug wears off and the user feels worse. With meth users, their non-using relationships fall by the wayside, and sooner or later their whole social network is made up of other users. The drug becomes the glue that holds the relationships together

Psychological effects

Sense of power / well being
Repetitive behavior
Excessive energy
Aggressive / violent
“Crank bugs” (feeling of bugs crawling all over the skin, results in extreme scratching)
Increased sexual desire (initially)
Loss of sexual function
Instant euphoria
Suicidal / homicidal thoughts

Physical effects

Long periods without sleep
Dilated pupils
Blurred vision
Teeth grinding
Discolored teeth, teeth fall out
Bad breath
Body odor
Open sores on the body / scabs / scars
Grayish skin color
Rapid weight loss
Increased blood pressure and pulse
Heart palpitations
Irreversible damage to brain, liver, lungs

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