Phases of use

• Introductory phase

(Responsibilities of work and school have not yet been affected)
Mood elevation, euphoria, excitation
Appetite suppression
Conversation comes easily
Feel energized, faster, stronger

• Maintenance phase

(Tolerance increases. Family relationships, work, school, finances begin to be affected)
Increase in meth use to recapture the initial experience & avoid depression
Thoughts center increasingly around meth use
Weight loss
Decreased nutrition

• Disenchantment phase

(Negative effects of drug use take hold. Triggers for drug use become all-encompassing)
Thoughts continually revolve around drug use
Dramatic increase in meth use (cravings)
Mistrust of people
Heightened sensitivity to sound
Agitation, short-tempered
Aggression, violence

• Disaster phase

(Triggers for drug use are overpowering. Families, homes, and communities are devastated)
Extreme weight loss
Severe depression
Unemployment, bankruptcy
Stroke, death

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