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Preventing Problems, Reducing Risk (PPRR) is a presentation designed for high school / college age young adults to look at prevention in a different way.  In order to prevent problems related to substance use, participants will examine the problems that are associated with substance use and learn how to reduce their risk of developing these problems.

Participants will learn:

  • Alcoholism/Addiction (like Heart Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure) is a lifestyle related health problem
  • Risk for developing alcoholism/addiction is based on our biology plus our choices
  • What are low risk choices vs. high risk choices
  • How tolerance plays a role in risk for developing alcoholism/addiction
  • Effects of alcohol on the brain and body
  • Students will learn how their choice to use ATOD can jeopardize the things they value
  • What is low risk for them
  • How to protect the things that they value

This hands-on presentation includes several group activities, as well as individual activities to help participants realize what ARE the things in their lives that they value – and – are their alcohol and drug choices risking or protecting the things that they value?

Presentation Results:

  • Participants rated all five activities as excellent or good 79% of the time or better
  • Participants rated the presenter as excellent 89% of the time
  • Participants often comment that they like the activities, the presenter, and the information shared when asked, “What did you like best about the class?”
  • Participants often commented that they liked learning about their tolerance level, their formula, and trigger level when asked, “What was the most important thing you learned?”

Synthetic Drug Facts
Synthetic Drug Facts is a presentation designed to train parents, helping professionals, and teenagers about synthetic drugs. Synthetic drug is an umbrella term for a variety of man-made drugs that carry varying effects and dangers from K2 to bath salts. How are these drugs being legally sold in our community? Why are kids using them? What do I need to tell my teen about these dangerous substances? Synthetic Drug Facts answers these questions.

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