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Meth360 is a unique nationally accredited educational program that is designed to deliver information about meth from a Law Enforcement, Prevention, and Treatment perspective directly to community members.  Community presentations are co-delivered by these three groups of professionals to parent groups, schools, workplace, healthcare, civic and other organizations.  The audience learns about all aspects of meth from experts with diverse perspectives on the issue—a true “360-degree” view.  The program’s title comes from the fact that meth, more than any other drug, has an impact beyond the user.  It affects families, children, the environment, and entire communities.  And it comes at you from all directions.

Meth360 is tailored to meet the needs of each specific audience and can include all other drugs of abuse, including alcohol if requested.  The presentation is divided into six topic areas:

  • Meth Facts
  • How Meth Affects Users
  • Impact on Communities
  • Families and Prevention
  • Intervention and Treatment
  • Communities and Prevention

Supplemented with video features, including public service messages and real-life testimony from former meth users, the presentation has been customized by the presenters to reflect local issues and needs.  All audience members receive a meth information kit and list of local and national meth information resources.

METH 360 Brochure

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