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Me360 is a unique educational strategy developed by PMP and targeted to youth, 7th grade and older.  It is designed to deliver information about ALL drugs of abuse from a Law Enforcement, Prevention, and Treatment perspective.  Me360 presentations are co-delivered to youth by these three groups of professionals and are tailored to meet the needs of each group / classroom.  Me360 presentation topics include:

  • Alcohol, Tobacco, Marijuana, Synthetic Drug, Prescription Drug, and Meth Facts
  • Affects of alcohol and other drugs on the brain
  • How alcohol and other drugs affect users
  • Impact of substance abuse on communities and families
  • How to prevent problems related to substance abuse
  • Addiction = Biology + Choices
  • Substance abuse treatment – it works

Supplemented with video features, including public service messages and real-life testimony, as well as interactive opportunities for youth, the presentation is customized to reflect local issues, needs, and data.  The prevention section has been infused with the 40 Developmental Asset framework, developed by the Search Institute.  Grounded in extensive research in youth development, resiliency, and prevention the Developmental Assets represent the relationships, opportunities, and personal qualities that young people need to avoid risks and to thrive.

What Others Have Said About Us

“Me360 does a great job of informing students of the dangers of meth and other drugs. The program does a great job explaining how people become addicted and the negative effects addiction has on people. The students that we teach often come from families who have drug problems. This program helps students to think about their anti-drug and what is going to help prevent them from making poor choices. I think parents have a hard time talking to kids about drugs and explaining what really happens. This program does a great job breaking the information down to a level middle school students can understand. Students are shocked to find out what most drugs are made of (ie. rat poison) and cannot believe people would put that in their body. I think having a police officer who comes in contact with drugs and people who use the, as well as giving testimony, really helps the students realize how real the dangers are and prepares them to think about what they will do and say if they are confronted by peers trying to get them to do drugs.”Sarah Sealock
7th Grade Life Science Teacher
“The ME 360 Program is so beneficial in our community. Drugs, alcohol and tobacco are substances that impact almost every child in my classroom. When Lorelle comes into my room, she makes it a priority to get to know every students name. She makes them feel important and therefore they feel safe to share information with her and ask personal questions. I love watching my students make connections with the information that she shares regarding these substances and how it could truly impact their lives. For some students that have addiction in their genetics, this program might be the only thing telling them how it could impact their life. The program talks about choices and we all have the ability to change our path based on those choices that we make for ourselves. This is a critical fact for students that are looking for a way out from the path they were born into. The ME 360 program makes a difference to my kids and my community”.Tonya Korkow
7th Grade Science Teacher
“PMP has presented Me360 at Millard Central Middle School for the past 2 years. It has become an integral part of the counseling curriculum which focuses on the 40 Developmental Assets. We have been impressed with the instructors’ expertise and professionalism. The program is high interest and provides current and relevant information. Students grow in their knowledge of the dangers of drug usage. Emphasis is placed on good decision making.”Julie Williams
Carolyn Gassert
Millard Central Middle School


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