Prevention Means Progress Invites Teens to “Speak Up!” Against Substance Abuse

PMP has partnered with REBEL INTERACTIVE branding agency to host a series of “Speak Up!” Workshops especially for teens. During the youth workshops, students from area middle schools brainstorm ways to promote substance-abuse prevention in their own words.

We invite all students, teachers and administrators to download and share these prevention resources, created for teens – by teens. Together, we can Stay Ahead of Substance Abuse.

Take The Blue Band Pledge

Take the Pledge to Stay Ahead of Substance Abuse, and empower your peers to do the same!


pledge to Stay Ahead of Substance Abuse.

I pledge my BRAIN to better development, my HEART to the things I love, and my VOICE to Speak Up about substance abuse.

I will make Low Risk Choices, and encourage my friends to do the same!

Share these at your school!

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