LEARN (Legislative Education Awareness & Resource Network) was formed by a group of agencies, including PMP, that are interested in making a difference in policy as it relates to substance abuse prevention and treatment.  Our goals are simple; to be a trusted resource for policymakers and to have a voice in the development of policies to reduce substance abuse in our community.

Mission:  To provide current information and research to policymakers to assist them in creating laws that decrease substance abuse
Vision:  A healthy community shaped by policies that decrease substance abuse and save lives

For more information, or to learn more about becoming a member of LEARN, contact Maggie Ballard at mballard@heartlandfamilyservice.org.

LEARN shares information and research with policymakers. The information within the newsletters below has been sent to local lawmakers.

August 2014 Newsletter 1 – Marijuana

November 2014 Newsletter 2 – Prescriptions

February 2015 Newsletter 3 – Prescription Solutions

May 2015 Newsletter 4 – Synthetic Drugs

September 2015 Newsletter 5 – Current Drug Trends

December 2015 Newsletter 6 – LEARN PDMP Recommendations

March 2016 Marijuana Fact Sheet

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