Criteria for nomination can include the following areas for recognition:

Community Partner:  Nominee has contributed substantially to the community, has inspired the community to be a healthier place, and has dedicated time and synergy towards the education, prevention, and treatment of methamphetamine abuse and addiction. Coalition Member: Nominee has contributed public service supporting PMP mission, has a willingness to contribute ideas and participate in PMP events, is a team player, follows through on tasks, and demonstrates great team collaboration.  Coalition member nominee may also meet the community partner areas for recognition as a result of his/her process and contributions to the Coalition’s efforts.

Quarterly Nomination

Please e-mail Gretchen Bayer at your nomination with a brief description of your nominee.

If your Nominee is selected for the quarter, you will be asked to briefly submit a narrative explaining more of your nomination.  PMP will be publicly thanking these partners and members throughout the year and utilizing media outlets, and then formally recognizing them at the Annual Community Stars Event.

 Thank You for taking the time to appreciate a Community Partner or Coalition Member that is making a difference in our communities.

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